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Our experience has taught us that the only way to break through the ceiling is to have a dedicated marketing and PR strategy that puts your podcast and its intended listeners at the core.

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After getting to know you and analysing your objectives through our comprehensive onboarding process, our dedicated team will ensure that you’re strategically placed for guest appearances on a minimum of two podcasts per month.

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Understanding your existing product is fundamental to our PR & Marketing strategy service. Through discovery sessions and onboarding, we build on your podcast’s existing foundations to find new ways of breaking through to the audiences you’ve always wanted to reach, taking lessons from everything you have created so far.

Through existing audience research, competitor analysis and a market positioning audit, we formulate a strategy that aligns with your objectives and budget.



The possibilities are truly endless with marketing and promotion when it comes to the innovative and democratic world of podcasting. After extensive analysis and planning, our PR & Marketing team will execute the promotional tactics specifically designed for your audience.

Whilst some podcasts will benefit from a full re-launch and re-brand with new artwork, events and a new sponsorship deal, others might be in the need of targeted media exposure and press access. We truly mean it when we say no cutter cookie templates and a one size fits all approach.

Just like a letter needs an address to reach its intended recipient, a podcast needs PR and marketing to find its audience and reach its full potential.



From bespoke branded artwork to highly targeted promotion, we devise creative and forward-thinking marketing and PR strategies, integrated with your organic and paid digital marketing approach. This includes tangible promotional assets primed to elevate your brand’s presence in the spaces which your audience occupies.

Through dedicated PR & Media Outreach initiatives, we continually measure the campaign against the objectives defined during onboarding and adjust accordingly.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves...


Increased Brand Awareness

Research shows that branded podcasts lift brand awareness by 89% and increases favourability by nearly a quarter.


Content At Your Fingertips

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing – but it costs 62% less!


Relationships That Last

80% of listeners consume all or most of every podcast episode they start. You’ll be speaking to an engaged and captive audience.


We Can Help You...

Amplify Awareness

Grow your business by reaching new audiences and demographics through the power of voice

Increase Reach

Expand your brand with audio design solutions that target voice search and enhance online rankings

Maximise Exposure

Ensure your business is heard on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spotify.

Why Choose Us

Why Our Valued Clients Choose Us.


As branded podcast specialists, business solutions are part of our DNA. We understand your brief is unique to your brand, which is why we work with you side- by-side, listening actively and creating confidently.


We understand every business has their own quirks and ways of working, which is why our processes are as adaptable as they are reliable. Our strong production foundation enables you to spend less time on the technical details and more time on the creative conversations.


Podcasts aren’t just audio – they’re a brand experience. We bring a creative touch to every element of your production. Our creative treatments, eye catching artwork, and award-winning sound design are geared towards your target market. Nothing we do is from a cookie-cutter template.


Audience is at the heart of everything we do. From branding to strategic positioning, engaging shorts to creative advertising campaigns, we ensure your content resonates with your listeners.

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