Feb 22, 2023 14:27 PM

Are Podcasts Becoming More Culturally Significant?

Due to its accessibility and the simple fact that (in theory) anyone can make one, podcasting as both a medium and an art form has a history of not being taken seriously.

In the past view years, we’ve seen a slow but steady cultural shift take place in how podcasting is viewed by society. Its marginalised history might soon be a thing of the past… 

Two years ago, a podcast episode from ‘This American Life’ (The Giant Pool of Money) was deemed so “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” that it became the first podcast to be added to the United States National Recording Registry, a bank of sound recordings dedicated to preserving and reflecting American heritage.

With the podcast ‘WTF with Marc Maron’ (Episode 67 w/ Robin Williams) being added just last year, it would seem that this will become the new normal.


All of this indicates that we’re moving towards a place in society where podcasting will sit alongside other media forms, such as music and art, in being just as culturally significant, prevalent and reflective of our times.

A contributing factor to how podcasting has begun to be taken more seriously is the rise of the business podcast as a marketing and networking tool.

With trusted companies, brands and people starting to use the medium to share thought leadership, best practice and network – the time is now for podcasting.

To be the latest to join the podcasting world, sit down for a talk with us today to discuss what a full-service business podcast could do for your company.

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