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  • What kind of brands do you work with?

    Since releasing our first branded podcast in 2020, we’ve worked tirelessly to connect and work with brands across multiple sectors including clean energy & sustainability, healthcare, diversity & inclusion, international diplomacy, transportation, lifestyle and sports – providing them with highly curated, targeted and engaging content that gives them a voice.

    Our diverse roster of clients is our strength. We believe that building lasting relationships with brands who have a rich array of different perspectives allows us to grow as storytellers and as a branded podcast agency.

  • What budgets do you work with?

    We tend to work with branded content budgets of over £10,000 / $15,000. We pride ourselves on working with clients who come to us to commission a limited series as well retainer clients who see the value in podcasting as part of their marketing and communications strategy.

    Often, clients who start working with us for a limited series, see the impact a podcast makes to their business objectives and choose to continue working with us long-term.

    It’s also important to us that we partner with purpose led brands, charities and NGO’s, working collaboratively to adapt our services to match their budgets.

  • How much is an initial consultation?

    Your initial consultation will be FREE of charge. During this call we will assess your objectives and begin to build unique and creative storytelling solutions for you and your audience.

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  • Where will recordings take place?

    The majority of our branded podcasts prefer to record on location using professional studio-grade equipment optimised for the environment and making it easier to fit your recording into your schedule.

    The Podcast Guys also have strategic relationships with recording studios globally, including in the UK and the USA.

    Remote recordings are managed via an online production studio where both audio and video will be captured. Sound checks are carried out with any remote contributors and a professional microphone is sent out in advance of the recording.

  • How long does it take to make a podcast?

    Working with large enterprise clients with complex sign off structures and multiple stakeholders has taught us that a project typically takes 8-12 weeks from initial onboarding to delivery of a podcast series.

    However, we have successfully released award-winning podcasts from scratch in as little as 2 weeks.

  • Where are you based?

    Wherever we need to be! We are proud to be considered an extension of our clients’ teams and you’ll often find us working with them on-site or on-location. We also have production offices in London and Surrey in the UK, and New York in the US.

  • Can you podcast from my event?

    Yes, absolutely, and we encourage it! You can benefit from capturing key talks, interviews and moments with some of the greatest minds in your industry.

    In a world where content is everything, we see the value in making the most of your event and thought leadership opportunities.

    We have more information about this on our event services page.

  • Do you do video podcasts?

    We certainly do. In fact, more than 80% of our productions include a video element.

    We both record remotely and in-person, using state-of-the-art technologies to bring an added dimension to your entire production, and provides you with captivating video snippets for promotional purposes.

    We have more information about this on our video services page.

  • I already have a podcast. How can I promote it?

    We are often approached by brands who have started their podcast journey but are struggling to get the traction their production deserves.

    By partnering with our podcast marketing team, we can elevate the visibility and reach of your content through strategic marketing and PR.

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  • I’m interested in sponsorship. Can you help?

    There are two approaches to sponsorship:

    1. We can help you find a sponsor before your podcast launch. If you have an established podcast or a large online presence, we can partner you with a sponsor to empower and complement your brand.
    2. If you’re not quite ready to start your own podcast, we can help you to build a podcast sponsorship strategy that expands your reach, with budgets starting from £5,000 / $8,000. This includes everything from identifying the perfect podcast to sponsor, to scripting and recording on-brand captivating and creative advertising.
  • Who are The Podcast Guys?

    We are an inspired team with diverse professional experiences who understand both the corporate and creative landscape, this gives us the unique ability to bridge the gap between brands and audiences – We set the standard, and lead the way.

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  • I have another question to ask…

    Great, we’d love to hear from you!

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