May 29, 2024 14:50 PM

Connection > Content: 5 Key Learnings for Podcasters in 2024

Look, we all know that the podcasting landscape is evolving all the time, right?

Recent attendance to global industry-leading events such as Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles and The Podcast Show in London have only reaffirmed that.

We know we’re lucky to be part of an industry that, whilst established, is still growing and is malleable – it’s something we love over at The Podcast Guys as it gives us a lot of creative freedom.

However, we’re also aware that, if you’re a client or a brand with a podcast (or even one thinking of starting one), you’re far too preoccupied with the day-to-day of actually running your business to keep up to date with all the things our industry is saying.

So leave that with us. Here’s 5 key insights for branded podcasters that you need to know in 2024:


1) There’s No Universal Metric of Success

The definition of success varies widely from show to show. It’s crucial to recognise that what works for one, might not work for the other. Instead of chasing a universal formula, focus on what success looks like to you in your specific niche.

It all comes back to the golden question – Why are we making this podcast?

Branded podcasts, aimed at enhancing your brand image or establishing you as a thought leader in your field (for example), should not be directly compared with mass appeal podcasts that focus solely on widespread popularity and reach.


2) The Fall of Downloads, The Rise of Listening Time

In 2024, listening time has become the major metric for branded podcast success. We attribute this shift to the influx of podcasts on the market and the importance of creating engaging content that keeps listeners hooked.

It’s all about quality engagement these days. Stop obsessing over that pesky download number. Start investigating if listeners are digesting your content over a longer period of time.

For more on this topic, check out our recent marketing video:


3) Connection > Content

This may be hard to hear, but in the modern world, people are too busy to care about your product or services. Stop trying to sell through your podcast and focus on connecting with your audience.

Podcasts are all about long-term engagement rather than short-term gains. Sponsorship and financial gain can come later.


4) You Can’t Buy a True Audience

If all you care about is that downloads figure, then sure invest in all the Google ad space you want.

Eyes are easy to attract, but we’re looking for ears.

Ads, whilst initially making your podcast more accessible, won’t fundamentally build the core audience of people you actually want to talk to. That will only happen through organic growth and a targeted marketing plan.


5) Brands Will Reign

Podcasting is now a legitimate form of media, there’s no denying it. Some would argue that it’s even the greatest canvas in media at the moment as content has little competition from other forms of media.

But, with so many voices now flooding the market, who will pave the way forward and set the standard? The brands.

They’ll determine the overall success of the industry as they have the budgets to do things properly and at scale.


So, one last question – do you want to be a trendsetter leading the podcast industry?

Get in contact with The Podcast Guys today to join our roster of leading industry branded podcasts.


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