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How to Create Brand Awareness Through Podcasting

Over the past decade, it’s safe to say podcasts have exploded in popularity. With nearly 30% of Americans and 24% of Brits regularly listening to them, businesses have a wealth of opportunities to reach new audiences through them.

It’s a proven fact that people are much more likely to buy from, or work with, a brand or business that they know than they are to buy from an unknown source. After all, familiarity builds trust and establishes a company’s authority. Podcasting is a great way to accomplish this.

This post will explore some of the best ways you can use a podcast to build that all-important brand awareness that every business seeks.

Establish your Brand Voice

As an established business in your industry, it’s safe to say you already have a brand voice that expresses itself through a range of media. This could be through your website, your social media presence, or even how you interact with customers through packaging, client service etc.

Your business’ podcast, however, offers a new way to express your brand voice through a whole new medium – sound, conversations, and audio advertising.

Keeping your podcast consistent with your brand’s wider messaging adds a whole new dimension to your brand awareness. It draws your listeners into a conversation and brings your brand to life in a way they can relate to and digest effortlessly.

Be Consistent

Podcast listeners tend to be creatures of habit. The same format of episodes released at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals with the same length, host tone of voice, musical intro, etc. creates a brand. Deciding on the frequency and size of your episodes is essential.

Defining the purpose and mission of your podcast and ensuring that your episodes are consistent with this is vital to building a relationship with your listeners. It will give your series a strong backbone, purpose, and a sense of familiarity around not just your podcast but your brand as a whole.

Choose the Right Guests

Finding podcast guests that match your audience’s interests is a fantastic way to add credibility to your brand. When choosing guests, be strategic! Choose industry experts with unique takes on your industry’s topics. This can help you reach similar people to your existing customer base or even nicher audiences.

Associating your brand with people who already have authority on your topic means you also get access to their audience, who are much more likely to become aware of your brand when they listen to the episode featuring this guest.

Look for people who can offer a fresh angle on your topic rather than those that will repeat what has already been said. When your content is insightful and fresh, your listeners are much more likely to keep coming back.

Increase Revenue through Driving Leads

As well as building brand awareness, podcasting can also become a new stream of revenue, either directly through advertising and sponsorship or indirectly by driving more leads.

Sponsorship is flexible and is used in various ways to create income through your audio content. As well as earning extra money for your business, sponsorship can increase your brand authority and promote relevant products to your listeners. This makes it a win-win. You get paid to sponsor another brand, and that company gets access to your audience.

Alternatively, when you advertise your own products and services in your podcast episodes, you can do so in a way that blends seamlessly with the rest of the content. This creates a sense of trust with your listeners while driving more leads and sales.

Want to find out how The Podcast Guys can help you plan, launch and produce a podcast that will engage and captivate your listeners, and drive leads to your business?

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