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Don’t live with event regret - We make the most of every in-person opportunity, from first-time handshakes to inspirational keynote speeches. The Podcast Guys capture evergreen audio and video content that lasts.

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Maximise the moment through podcasting and video!

Make The Most of Your Event.

How It Works?

Let The Podcast Guys take your show on the road! Here’s how:



We understand the amount of time and energy you have poured into your upcoming event, to ensure you’re seen and heard within your industry, so we work with you to identify key moments and opportunities for audio and video to use long after your event has finished.

We specialise in maximising your budget with a thorough onboarding process which uncovers your corporate narrative, the tone and aim of the event and what good looks like to you.

We then pick out the opportunities for key attendee interviews, pinpoint topics of conversation to film and identify a potential podcast studio space within your exhibition area, so that you leave with a highly targeted and curated post-event package of content



When event day arrives, our dedicated event production team comes armed with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, allowing for your bespoke studio set up – whether that’s a fixed space for sit down conversations, or roving recordings around a bustling conference hall.

We will keep our cameras rolling to gather the candid moments, as well as being able to patch into existing sound systems to record high-quality conversations from the stage.



Whether it’s a special podcast exclusively from the event, or a sizzle reel video that captures the highlights, we align with your crafted identity, whilst upholding professionalism and credibility.

Through a structured 360-degree stakeholder feedback loop, we ensure alignment with your strategic goals to continue the excitement of the event long after it has finished.

We will support your post-event promotional campaign which helps you to get the most out of the assets gathered, showcasing them with style and panache. Our approach to post-production is as meticulous and detailed as it would be for a documentary or narrative series, giving your audience a front row view from afar.

Innovate in Plain Sight

  • It’s All About Visibility

    Whilst your competitors rinse and repeat, we ensure you stand out from the crowd as an elite brand.

  • Grow Your Circle

    Your connections won’t just leave with a business card, they’ll be invested in your branded snackable content to share with their network.

  • Long Lasting Impressions

    We swap the branded pens, lanyards and badges, for a goodie bag of purposefully curated content made to last.

  • Services

    We Can Help You...

    Amplify Awareness

    Grow your business by reaching new audiences and demographics through the power of voice

    Increase Reach

    Expand your brand with audio design solutions that target voice search and enhance online rankings

    Maximise Exposure

    Ensure your business is heard on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spotify.

    Why Choose Us

    Why Our Valued Clients Choose Us.


    As branded podcast specialists, business solutions are part of our DNA. We understand your brief is unique to your brand, which is why we work with you side- by-side, listening actively and creating confidently.


    We understand every business has their own quirks and ways of working, which is why our processes are as adaptable as they are reliable. Our strong production foundation enables you to spend less time on the technical details and more time on the creative conversations.


    Podcasts aren’t just audio – they’re a brand experience. We bring a creative touch to every element of your production. Our creative treatments, eye catching artwork, and award-winning sound design are geared towards your target market. Nothing we do is from a cookie-cutter template.


    Audience is at the heart of everything we do. From branding to strategic positioning, engaging shorts to creative advertising campaigns, we ensure your content resonates with your listeners.

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