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Jun 13, 2023 16:13 PM

The Art of the Cover: What Podcasting Can Learn From Rock ‘n Roll

Whilst you can’t judge a book by its cover, turns out, you CAN judge a podcast by its…

Recognising the power and significance that good artwork can have in today’s podcasting climate is essential in standing out.

Have a look back at some of the most famous artworks that adorn album covers in popular music. They’re iconic, right? Instantly recognisable, and representative of the culture and music that lie within the album.

The relationship between artwork and audio is unique and powerful… and just like the musicians of the past, you can take advantage of this within podcasting to captivate and impress audiences before they even hit the play button

When carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed, artwork can become an emblem of your show’s identity, helping make your podcast recognisable and memorable to listeners.


Podcasts are traditionally an audio-based medium, and although the process of diversification is at hand (check out our previous blog – ‘The Podcast Identity Crisis‘ for that), it is fundamental to have artwork that matches the strength of your audio.

Think of your artwork as a portal. The external gateway into the inner world you’ve created within. It’s the audiences first glimpse into the themes, tone, and personality of your podcast and is crucial in sparking their initial curiosity, and getting your show heard.

At this point you may be thinking “does it really matter that much?”, but we can assure you artwork has a practical purpose beyond just aesthetic appeal.

By leveraging the power of visual aesthetics to their potential, you can enhance your brand and increase your listenership substantially, which, in an increasingly crowded industry where numerous shows vie for attention, can be the thing that sets you apart from the rest.

By maintaining a cohesive visual style across your show you can establish a strong brand identity that resonates more with your target audience and conveys professionalism, expertise and quality.

To summarise: by embracing the creative potential of artwork and utilising it as a visual representation of the audio content, you can elevate your brand, attract a larger audience, and leave a lasting impact on your listeners.


At The Podcast Guys, we’re comfortable producing high-quality work and strive to create unique, bold, and creative covers to accompany all of our productions.

It’s literally our job to maximise and push the boundaries of our clients’ brand guidelines – for examples of some of our artwork, see here.

To find out how The Podcast Guys can help launch a high-quality podcast series for you and your business, complete with powerful artwork to match:

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