Feb 5, 2021 13:00 PM

How to Provide Audio Magic

This week we were described by one of our clients as ‘The providers of audio magic’.

I was so humbled by this statement and super proud of the team around me that make this magic thing happen. But it also got me thinking about what constitutes audio magic and I think I have the answer…

I need to explain that I’m a complete stickler for the production value of everything. I’m a true believer that you should start with a perfect production in mind, from the planning and research at the very beginning of a project through to the editing and mastering at the very end.

You see, you can’t just turn up and make magic completely un-prepared, even the greatest improv actors have some kind of a plan or method that they use to perfect their craft. The unique ability they have to tell a story which absolutely has a beginning, a middle and an end. And if you think about some of the best pieces of audio that you listen to, whether it be a podcast, your favourite radio show, an audio book, the narrator or the host are generally, really good storytellers. They have a tried and tested format that is planned to precision, they have an identity that leaves you in no doubt that you’re listening to one of their productions and they leave you with that feeling, as a listener, that you’ve been a part of that production.

Audio is one of the most intimate forms of communication… it’s a chance that you have to be inside the ears of people who have made a conscious choice to listen to you.

Someone told me last week that they don’t understand why anyone would pay a producer to work on their podcast when it was so easy… they could record an episode on their mobile phone, upload it to Apple or Spotify, pop a post on social media telling people where to find it and hey presto, they’re a podcaster right? Yes, this is absolutely true… they are, and I think it’s incredible that platforms like Apple or Spotify allow almost any content, regardless of production quality or indeed substance to be accessible to an entire global audience any time of day or night… but my response to this guy was simple… would you record a film on your mobile phone, upload it to Netflix and expect them to add it to their movie library? They just wouldn’t… because there are production standards and values that must be upheld.

In the same way that Netflix are looking for that visual magic, I’m always looking to create that audio magic for my clients that helps them stand out from the crowd.

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