Dec 1, 2022 1:00 AM

Podcast Launch – Every Day’s A School Day (SJP)

Our latest collaborative production with St. James’s Place – ‘Every Day’s A School Day‘ has officially launched on podcast platforms as of today!

This sequel series, which follows our previous production ‘Journey to the Metaverse‘ sees host Nicki Finnigan joined by new co-host Hannah Frame with the goal to educate, enlighten, and prepare the listeners for the exciting digital world of tomorrow.

The series, which drops monthly, is packed with lively conversations and fascinating insights from expert guests and some of the greatest minds in the industry – all there to discuss new technology and immersive experiences, whilst showcasing how they can be applied within corporate and educational settings to enhance L&D.

In the first podcast of the new series, Hannah is joined by Josh Ellick, Digital Engagement Analyst and Carole Piper, Head of Skills & Development both from internal SJP teams.

Throughout the episode, the trio take a look at some of the recent advancements made in the tech world – such as Meta’s latest headset announcement (the Quest Pro), its potential business applications and the exciting places the tech could be heading next.

They also cover how Artificial Intelligence is helping enhance communication and discuss workplace apps such as Body Swaps that are used to teach and enhance soft skills, such as public speaking and presenting.

Listen to the Podcast HERE!

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