Jul 13, 2022 23:45 PM

My Week of Work Experience with The Podcast Guys

Hello everyone, my name is Lucy!

I’m a year 10 student that attends Warlingham school and I spent the last week doing work experience with The Podcast Guys!

My work for the week involved me conceptualising, making and editing my own mini-podcast. This process let me learn a lot about the industry and showed me just how much work actually goes into making a podcast – a lot of my creative skills were tested over the week!

We came up with the name ‘CathARTic’ for my podcast, which is all about how I find emotional release through creativity.

After this, came the Scriptwriting! I really loved this part, and I felt like I could open up about myself here. Once I finished this, it was then time for the bit I was quite nervous about – the Recording process…

After I got over the initial shock of hearing my own voice in real time, I found the whole thing a really fun experience and I actually managed to get it done quite quickly.

The next day, I was taught how to edit my podcast through Adobe Premiere. Although I found it a tedious process, watching my podcast come together was really exciting and in the end I think it was worth the time I spent on it. After editing I spent the rest of the day designing the cover for it.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time here, everyone was very welcoming, and they put a lot of thought into what I spent the week doing.

I am very proud of the work I have done and although it was hard, having the professionals showing me the ropes helped me make it possible.

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