Oct 25, 2023 13:00 PM

Podcast Launch – ‘Re:Design’ (Mima)

We’re proud to announce the launch of ‘Re:Design’, a brand new podcast from Mima, produced by us here at The Podcast Guys!

Hosted by Mima’s Head of Accessibility and Inclusive Design, Emily Yates and their Head of Marketing, Oliver Bennett-Coles, the pair speak to innovators and designers across industries and sectors to explore human-centred design.

After all, we live in a world that is always evolving, changing and re-building itself. This podcast, and Mima themselves, are on a mission to ensure that in this fast-moving world, we don’t lose site of what matters – people.

In this podcast, you can expect to hear from thinkers from parallel industries (from aviation and museums to rail and brought together to discuss how human-centred design can solve complex and crucial business challenges.

Allowing for the sharing of ideas, the opportunity to step into different terrains, create connections and the creative thinking we need to keep designing and creating a better world.

Be sure to listen, and subscribe to the show below:

Mima’s – Re:Design

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