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Podcasts: A Platform for Thought Leadership

Marketing leaders are always looking to adopt innovative communication strategies which aim to communicate with industry peers, clients, and prospects alike.

Among these, podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for establishing thought leadership within various industries… and for obvious reasons, they offer a unique blend of accessibility and personal engagement, making them an ideal platform for thought leaders to share insights, trends, and industry news.

Podcasts have become a valuable tool for brands looking to establish authority in their respective fields. This article will delve into how brands are using The Podcast Guys to leverage podcasts which position themselves as industry leaders. To illustrate what the power of an audio platform can do, the rest of this article will explore examples from our extensive list of branded podcasts that we’ve produced for our clients:

Establish Expertise Through Content

There’s no point using scripted content written by Chat GPT and expecting your authenticity to shine through. The key to using podcasts for thought leadership lies in the content.

High-quality, informative, and insightful content using your brands experience, positions your brand as a knowledgeable and reliable source within your industry. Focus on topics that not only interest your target audience but also showcase your expertise and unique perspective.

For instance, Wood Mackenzie is a massive name in the global insight business for all things renewables, energy, and natural resources. They’re at the forefront of, and ingrained in, the energy transition. They also just so happen to be one of our largest and original clients. Across three separate podcasts (HorizonsThe Interchange: Recharged, and The Energy Gang) we’ve been helping Wood Mackenzie for years to project their voice in the energy industry.

As a company full to the brim with high-quality, informative, and insightful content, it’s really not hard to position Wood Mac as the brand leaders they are – but podcasts really help solidify them as a knowledgeable and reliable source for all things energy.

Engage with Industry Leaders

Podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other thought leaders, influencers, and experts in your field. By working with a podcast production company such as The Podcast Guys who truly understand your industry, they will invite the appropriate guests from their network onto your podcast to offer varied perspectives and insights, further enriching your content and enhancing your corporate credibility.

Looking for a prime example of success here? Look no further than Mima’s branded podcast, Re:Design. Mima are a design agency who truly care. Each bit of work they do has people and accessibility in mind. They call themselves ‘human-centred’ and we’re inclined to agree – they never stop thinking about the impact that experiences, products, and spaces have on people.

Their podcast’s core intent was to bring together thought leaders across multiple industries to discuss similar values and principles. Together with Mima, we helped them put together a long list of experienced and educated minds from across the aviation, rail, tourism & travel, digital, healthcare, museums, and the arts industries – all of whom engaged in riveting conversations across the series, ultimately making the show the success that it is.

Build A Dedicated Audience

The first step in any branded podcast production partnership at The Podcast Guys is to establish who you want to talk to. We want your audience to become more than just consumers of your content. We want to help you build fans of your brand and advocates that can amplify your voice within your industry.

Consistency is crucial in podcasting. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to commit to a regular weekly podcast. Whilst regular episodes help build a dedicated listener base, familiarity of a format within a limited series also helps build that all important loyalty.

Our friends over at Fisher German are three seasons deep in their branded podcast series with us, Fisher German Talks. They’re a leading national firm of chartered surveyors and specialist property consultants here in the UK. Their podcast is a show formed around conversations with experts on issues that matter to anyone with a professional, or personal interest in property.

Whilst the work they do is large in scope, we quickly realised the audience they wanted to target was quite niche – we’re talking around 100 farmers in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, Fisher German’s analytical numbers are quite impressive for a podcast on such a unique topic – because they’re great at what they do. However, regular, serial podcasting has opened up an avenue for Fisher German to not only better explore their audience niche but also reach their ears through the power of an audio platform.  

The Power of Storytelling

Cast your mind back to that bedtime story as an 8-year-old, when you could almost instantaneously have your mind transported to a place of awe and wonder, conjured up by the story being told to you by your parents. It’s no different now, if you think about it.

Yes, the content may not be all fairy tales and rainbows, but effective thought leadership is often rooted in storytelling. Podcasts allow you to weave narratives around your brand’s journey, challenges, successes, and learnings. This approach not only humanises your brand but also makes complex industry topics more relatable and engaging.

A prime example of this comes from our client, Devoteam and their Travelling Postcard Series. They’re a global tech consulting firm focused on digital strategy and cybersecurity with 10,000+ employees across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In this series we leveraged the breadth of their employees unique and engaging personal stories to showcase DT’s global reach and company culture.

In the podcast, each guest told their own personal career story and what life is like in their respective country and led that into wider discussions of exciting projects at DT and what it’s like to work there. Not only did this help Devoteam humanise their brand through the strength of the people that work for them, but it also allowed them to utilise the power of stories to showcase their brands journey, challenges, successes, and learnings.

Leveraging Multiple Formats

Podcasts offer versatility in format – from audio only interviews or solo commentary to videoed panel discussions at your next conference or event. This flexibility allows you to tailor your content to best suit the topic and audience, keeping the podcast dynamic and interesting whilst generating content for a multitude of platforms including YouTube and TikTok.

We’ve seen success in this field with multiple clients, not least Plan First Wealth and their branded podcast, Always an Expat. Whilst PFW are a registered investment adviser that are solely geared towards providing British expatriates with peace of mind in the complex world of cross-border retirement and US/UK wealth management, we took their podcast in a different direction.

It’s not focused on wealth; it’s focused on the people they’re trying to help, and their exciting personal stories of moving countries. This has worked wonders for Plan First Wealth and their brand, drawing in their audience and humanising their field of finance. Nowhere have they seen more success than in their shortform content – Instagram reels and YouTube shorts with them often drawing in thousands of views.

Breaking Industry Trends

Most people will tell you to always stay ahead of industry trends, but what if you had the opportunity to break them to your industry as you discover them?

As a true thought leader, you’ll be immersed in your industry’s emerging trends and developments. Podcasts can be a platform for you to discuss these trends, offering insights, and even predict future industry shifts. This positions your brand as not just a participant but a visionary in your field.

Need an example to illustrate? Let’s look at Insulet and their branded podcast Beyond the Bolus. Don’t know who Insulet are? You should. They’re one of the most innovative MedTech companies dedicated to simplifying life for people with diabetes through their ground-breaking Omnipod product.

Their podcast sees them in conversations with Healthcare Providers of varying specialities and backgrounds from across the USA. They’ve seen huge success with event podcasting. We’ve recorded LIVE from the ADA (American Diabetes Association) these past years, putting them at the heart of industry trends and innovation.


So, as you can see, podcasts offer an unparalleled opportunity to establish and cement your brand’s position as a thought leader.

Through consistent, high-quality, and engaging content, you can leverage this medium to share your expertise, connect with industry experts, and build a loyal audience.

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